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Design and development, sale, production and assembly of machines, process equipment and steel structures.

About us

About us

Gama Group offers a variety of products and services all in favor of maintaining and further developing of our clients’ business.
Members of Gama Group, Gama Consulting, ČIP and Toplicagradnja, represent three basic activities:
            • planning and manufacturing production equipment, steel structures and metal accessories – Gama Consulting doo
            • heating and ventilation installations and installations of the production equipment – ČIP doo
            • construction works – Toplicagradnja doo

Production equipment and metal accessories
Production equipment and metal accessories Within the area of equipment production, our company has proven as the constant supplier to foreign companies in Serbia and all over the world such as Cooper Tire, VMI, Toyo Tires, Nexen, Leoni, Henkel, Michelin, Black Donuts Engineering, Vossloh, Herbert, and more. The sector of production equipment contains many items ranging from simply holders and trolleys up to sophisticated conveyors with belonging automation and electronics. In the sector for the tire industry equipment, we are producing various products – cassettes (cartridges), trolleys, green tire racks, bobbins, pallets for the rubber, preheating pallets, conveyors for the raw material and finish tires, cooling conveyors, trench conveyors, different types of hoists, transport systems, tailor made platforms for all sections and lot more. Production is organized in our own production spaces, consisted of 12.000 square meters. In production processes we are using modern, up-to-date welding machinery, CNC lathes and mill cutters, CNC sheet and pipe cutting machines, industrial saws, presses and drills as well as all the necessary tools and inventory. The finishing treatment are power coating in a two chamber dimensions 3000x6000x3000 mm and 6000x1500x2200 mm and wet painting. Full list of equipment is presented in the list below. Steel structures production Main activities in the steel structure division are related to the design, drawing and production of the steel elements for the construction industry, mostly production facilities, and other industrial purposes such as various operators, maintenance, and main steel platforms. Steel structure production is placed in the space of 20.000 m2 and uses new modern Voortman machinery for cutting, drilling, threading and marking as well as new machinery for profile production dimensions from 200x200mm up to 1000x2000mm. Our current capacity in steel structures production is up to 10.000 tons per year. On the end, most valuable part of our company are our employees. A team of young and experienced engineers oversees the development, production, and quality assessment as well as production and development of technical documentation for every single product. Total number of employees is 250.

Heating, ventilation and equipment installation

With a twenty-year experience in HVAC, our company has earned a trust of the largest investors within the country, such as Cooper Tire, Michelin, Fiat, Leoni, Actavis and others. In the process of HVAC installation we pay special attention on planning and consulting in the process of the client’s decision for the type of heating and ventilation systems and the method of installation. This way, we enable our respected clients to save substantial funds. In last several years we are involved in projects which are relayed on renewable energy. One of the references in this field, installation HVAC equipment that uses bio renewable fuel (pellet) in Serbia, is designed and built by our company for German investor Leoni, located in south of Serbia. System installed on two locations with the power of 3,6 and 3,75 MW, is already proven as excellent investment. A similar system is currently being installed in the tourist complex facilities located in Prolom spa. Equipment installation becoming one of our important activities since we are installing most of the new and used machinery in tire industry factories in Serbia. Equipment installation in tire industry, from mixing lines up to the presses in the curing area representing significant part of our activities in tire industry and give us possibility to meet all the requirements from the client.Installation sector currently employs over 170 workers, among which are 20 engineers who are constantly improving their experience by working on construction sites in Serbia. Our next goal is to start with installation in Europe and rest of the world.

Construction works
The sector of construction works addresses activities directed to constructing and reconstructing production facilities and at the same time fulfilling specific demands made by the investors regarding dimensions, shapes and materials used. Over 70 employees are actively employed in this sector. In last several years we design and build more than 200.000 m2 of the productions space for various industries and with special demands regarding sizes, construction materials, purposes of the production, exterior and interior requests of our clients. We are also open and experienced in developing or investor solution construction projects.


Manufacturing equipment - from free holders to sophisticated process equipment
Heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, compressed air
Construction of production facilities
Installation of manufacturing equipment
Design in mechanical engineering, HVAC and buildings
Documentation preparation


Our staff is the most valuable segment of Gama Group which allows us to fulfill almost every request of our clients.
More than 30 engineers of various disciplines - mechanical, construction, electrical, architectural, quality.
Workers - mechanics, licensed welders, installers, dyers, builders ...


Production halls of 10.000 m² in our possession
Offices 150 m²

Tools and equipment

Gama consulting is a very well-equipped company, especially in the part of metallurgy:
presses, cutting machines, roller mills, cranes, road vehicles, welding machines,
lathes, hand tools, building machines. Finishing: sand blasting, painting, laminating


Black Donuts Engineering installation of the equipment, finish tire pallets, platforms for painting machine
VMI assets for production, cartridges, shafts, frames...
Good Year / Cooper tires assets for production, platforms, installation and deinstallation of the mixing lines, tween screw sheeters, extruders, batch-off lines, cutters, TBM, curing presses, new boiler room, maintenance service…
Tigar Tires / Michelin assets for production, platforms, installation of the calanders, cutters, oil systems, ASRS, exhausting systems, turnkey curing production hall, platforms, mold cleaning line...
Toyo Tires assets for production, installation of the extruders, TBM, cutters, curing presses, platforms, HVAC installation, conveyer systems…
Nexen Žatec assets for production for the new factory, material handling units, green tire racks, TBM drum cart...
Eurl Saterex assets for production, material handling units, green tire racks, finish tire racks...
Mesnac oil tanks, oil pipelines production and installation
Herbert conveyers
Troester installation of the extruders, platforms for the extrudion lines
Erhardt & Leimer mezzanine for cooling lines
Cimcorp platforms for painting machine, construction for EMS...
VOSSLOH COGIFER Railway switches parts, semi products
LEONI WIRING SYSTEM SOUTHEAST cable holders - 150.000 pc, pagodas, pre block frames, trolleys, handling buffer systems, hybrid cutting shelves, wire holders, box holders, tables, ultrasonic welding handling system, roof construction for the buildings - 1500 tons, more than 1000 different products or 300000 units...
HENKEL Platforms for the special equipment
YURA assembly lines, applicators tables, workstations, control tables, sub tables, more than 60 different products or 10000 units
PKC Assembly lines, racks, tables
META Pallet racks protectors

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